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Doc's Preferred Recipes



Over a span of more than three and a half decades Dr. Parnas has been reviewing the literature on many botanicals useful for a wide range of conditions challenging to the human condition. In formulating the varieties of DOC'S BOX  and other PREFERRED RECIPES offered we have endeavored to include all-natural materials of high quality and unlike many other product lines you might find we provide them at doses proven to safely provide beneficial effect.  As often as possible we incorporate substances with demonstrated capability to increase the duration of lifespan, reduce or reverse the degenerative effects of both aging and of damaged tissues plus reduce the  the risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease at least under laboratory conditions. Most of our Preferred Recipe products also include known zootropics which  enhance memory and other mental function .

We base our products formulae not only upon theories developed over years of study but also upon the experience of many actual patient's treatment responses. Upon request we offer for your scrutiny the references, primarily from the NCBI Database, including PubMed,  of the National Institute of Health, which we use for factual verification  and safety reviewof  the various ingredients.