Vitamins and Supplements


More than four decades ago I began to regularly take vitamin and supplements based on "blind faith", if you will, that some were just "good for you" whether you "felt anything from them or not".  After all these years work I now:

-Am confident that nearly everybody will "feel the difference" and have increased capability for an active life plus be better looking when properly using my compounded U.S. Patent Office & Trademark protected "PREFERRED RECIPE" designs.

I DO ADMIT that:

You may never be able to tell if these compounds made you live longer or look to have aged less over the decades BUT IT WILL BE OBVIOUS IF YOU ARE  ONE OF THOSE WHO BEGIN TO LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER and people tell you so !

- Never know for Certain if these prevented cancer (again you may just have good genes)

- REDUCED your RISK of heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure (the #1 health issue in America today), peripheral vascular disease, dementia (healthy lifestyle and "good luck" genetic makeup could be the reason why.....OR NOT)

ALL DOC’S BOX AND OTHER PREFERRED RECIPES, engineered for any purpose, also contain key ingredients that may tend to reduce risks of various serious diseases, foster an internal environment to maintain or reverse aging characteristics on a cellular and molecular level as well as enhance mental acuity including memory functions.  The medical and scientific literature we base these opinions upon strongly suggest both trends of REPAIR of damages to DNA and gross anatomic structures induced by aging, injury and cigarette smoking or other causes. 

Imporovement  to cosmetic changes such as thinning or sagging of skin and wrinkling of facial and other body surface areas has been anecdotally noted by some users and our about-to-be introduced line of TOPICAL PRODUCTS is designed to maximize these improvements.  

Enjoy our products!

David S. Parnas, M.D.