Angelo L.(Westport, CT November 2017)

 I purchased  supplements from your store and was very pleased.  I can go into a nice deep sleep because of the L-Glutathoine. I also noticed that now working in the yard my body becomes very sore and once I take the L-Glutathoine at night I wake up not feeling achy.   I also purchased the  5-HTP which keeps me focus. i  hate taking a multivitamin but was surprised how easily digestible the New Chapter 55+ for men is. I just set up auto ship on all 3 supplements.   Thanks. 

Amy M. (Okeechobee, Fl. December 2017))

I got the Serretia and love the product.

David T. (Westport, CT February 2018)

I have been using the combined products in “The EUREKA DOC'S BOX” for two months now. I take the morning capsules with coffee and a little food plus my multi-vitamin. The nighttime capsules I take with the first few bites of my dinner. The desired effects to increase clarity and sharpen my mind have really seemed to be steadily growing. Being retired I still make most of my money day trading online.  Seems like I’m connecting the dots faster and better than even when I was working a large portfolio in the city every day. I did not realize that it would also have some effects of increasing my stamina walking and in bed with my wife. Thank you!  Intend to be a regular repeat customer.     

Toby K. (Easton, CT March 2018)

I purchased the recommended 2 products to use together including both Arginine 1,000 mg twice daily with food and Pine Bark Extract 150 mg with dinner.  Within the first 3 days my girlfriend noticed not only did it work great for what I’d asked advice on but I noticed the nagging pain from pulled muscles in my right shoulder and side had disappeared within the first few hours after slowing me down for several weeks.  I still continue to take the Benazapril my Doctor prescribed for high blood pressure but we’re no longer talking about adding a second medicine. The consulting Physician from Best Health had advised I return to my Doctor to check my blood pressure after starting these supplements and now we are both pleased that he says “it’s perfectly normal now”. The prices compared well with some others I found on other websites or at the store so I’m gonna stick with this from now on. 

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