Our Philosophy about Vitamins and Supplements


At BEST Health we are doing our homework, searching the literature for multiple verifications , and strive to offer only the best scientifically demonstrated and most useful nutritional supplements we can. These are generally well described by the most reliable medical and biologic/organic chemical studies we can find. (Many are found in the National Database of Biologic Information (NCBI) and wherever we can discover have been researched under auspices of National Institute of Health NIH) supported study and/or peer review.  In many cases safety studies also from the government of Germany's  "Monograph E" have been cross-referenced.).

In this era of rapidly advancing science there are more details to anyone's individual optimal health attainment than any single physician likely could make time to address. Thus, more and more all persons should make an effort to be informed themselves as to which concerns they might discuss with their doctors in order to make for the most optimal care decisions that pertain to a long and healthy life. Wherever possible we will seek to provide you resources for the elements that may enable that goal. Gaining your trust is a sacred endeavor to us.